USA has seen a number of Presidents this time we have Hillary Clinton as one of the main candidates. But is she best to be the President? The research tells that Hillary Clinton is simply not very good at some of the main things presidential candidates should do. We present top ten reasons that why Hillary should not be President of USA.



1: She Lacks the Charisma:

Charisma is the compelling attractiveness or charm that can inspire devotion in others. To be a President of such a large nation it is very important for a person to have the necessary Charisma. But unfortunately Hillary do not have this Charisma. She can not inspire people to follow her. We have seen how brilliantly Obama makes people believe in him, this is because of his Charisma.Without Charisma Hillary is not a good candidate to be the President of USA.



2: She is not good in public speaking:

Despite the fact that Hillary has been in dealing with a number of people throughout her life but still when it comes to defend herself in public her way of speech becomes shouting instead of a powerful but decent speech. As a president weather male or female, the person should also be very very good and decent in speech. As dealing or even arguing with people is sometimes a regular activity for a President, but Hillary fails in it.  She tends to over-pronounce every syllable as though she’s reading something for a transcriber and doesn’t want there to be any mistakes, which robs her of anything resembling a natural flow.




3: Bad Campaign:

Hillary’s whole campaign is more or less a disaster. She is focusing on how to criticize Donald Trump.Clinton’s top advisers are actually spending time trying to come up with a Trumpian nickname to hang on Trump — Dangerous Donald? Poor Donald? Dipstick Donald? — which tells you that its just a war to win instead to give a good future to USA.




4: No Accomplishments:

Other than being a woman and marrying Bill Clinton there are no as such accomplishments in the life of Hillary. Hillary failed as a secretary of State. People keep listing that she has been around forever and was First Lady and a Senator. What has she done for the country? Being on that position she could have done so much for USA but we see nothing good in those years.




5: She is corrupt:

Back when Bill Clinton was in the White House, Hillary received $100,000 in bribes in return for putting $1,000 into the cattle futures market. Things that Hillary has done good are counted as 1 in 31 trillion. That was small compared to the deals Bill and Hillary appear to have cut with foreign governments. Enormous sums went directly into Bill’s pockets for doing speeches or to the scam Clinton Foundation.




6: She is a liar:

Hillary Clinton wants power. She will do anything to get it. this has been seen in her past years where she misused power. She is dishonest. She became a multimillionaire by cheating, lying, bullying, demeaning and even knocking down anyone who came in her way. We need people who honestly want to work for the Constitutional Republic which guarantees our rights and our freedom.




7: She is a Criminal:

Hillary Clinton doesn’t go to jail over having classified emails sent to her private server, it will be purely for political reasons. At such a senior position with having high authority she should have shown some examples of honesty and responsibility. She knew what she was doing was highly illegal from day one. Not only are there people in jail for doing less than she has, any normal person with a government security clearance who did what she did would EXPECT to go to jail if he were caught. How can anyone be okay with voting for someone to be President who would be in jail if she weren’t married to a former president and running for office herself?




8: She has a Fake personality in public:

Clinton’s staff and friends often protest that the real person they know doesn’t come through on the trail and through the media’s filter. This fake so called a good personality is totally artificial and will tear up soon because no one can act fake for so long.




9:  Hillary Clinton defended a child rapist:

One major act that always come in controversies is about supporting her husband for being a child rapist. The victim said that Hillary not only supported Clinton for his crime but also threatened her for taking this issue in front of everyone.




10: She has been involved in a number of killings:

When Hillary was first lady, she not only get involved in corruption, bribery, lying but also in murders. As we see the case of Vincent Foster – former White House Counsel, found dead of a gunshot wound to the head and ruled a suicide. He had significant knowledge of the Clinton’s financial affairs and was a business partner with Hillary. If the Clintons are guilty of the crimes they are accused of by Larry, Vincent Foster would have detailed knowledge of those crimes.

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