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Its era of technology and if you are not aware of what new is coming in market than realize that you will be left behind. Every year we see many interesting gadgets in the markets, so succeed but many flop. Here we have a list of top ten gadgets to be released soon in coming months and some probably in next year. Enjoy the sight and description of these gadgets and stay up-to date !

1: CellRobot


CellRobot can walk around on two legs, crawl across the floor, slither like a snake, drive around like a vehicle with wheels, act as a flexible mechanical arm and more.

Once you create your design, you can use the app to configure the speed, rotation, and orientation of the individual cells, which can then be shared to other CellRobot users. Craft a robot capable of things like reaching to turn off an alarm clock, providing light as an intelligent smart lamp on your desk, watering your garden with a hose, shaking up your martini, playing piano, rolling under debris to enter a collapsed building.


2: i-mmersive:


The ultimate 360Video recorder. One easy shot captures the full picture around you, no matter where you are. It is Dual 360° Lens, 4k VR Camera that Live Stream. Watch event from any where from Go Viewer. It is perfect for streaming classes and conferencing.

vr 2


3: LG Rollable OLED

lg led


If I had to pick one piece of tech at the show that really makes me think “we are living in the future!” it’s LG’s Rollable OLED, which does exactly what it says. It’s a screen that you can roll up. Why am I so impressed? Because once this becomes a reality, it will transform the design and function of everything that has a screen — and these days, everything has a screen. While it’s not quite ready for prime time, it’s not 5 years away, either.

4: Onagofly Nano Drone

nano drone


Last year’s there was a Zano nano drone never made it off the ground, so here’s hoping Onagofly’s 5-inch/125mm-square follow-me drone has better luck with liftoff. It’s already had an Indiegogo campaign funded seven times over, and boasts really useful features like obstacle avoidance and live streaming, for $300 (£200 or AU$415).

5: Sevenhugs’ Smart Remote

smrt remot


It’s hard enough corralling your out-of-control home theater: When you start tossing in everything electronic in your home, the number of controllers and interfaces multiplies awkwardly. The whimsically named Sevenhugs is working on an easily programmed but generically named Smart Remote to bring order to your smart-home chaos. It’ll cost less than $200 and is expected to enter preorder by March

6: Parrot Disco


Aren’t we all just a little tired of clunky-looking quadcopters? Parrot’s Disco will let you fly your camera like an airplane. It doesn’t operate quite the same way as a quad, but it sounds like a fun alternative.

7: LG Signature refrigerator

LG auto door open

It opens automatically when it senses you’re standing by it and knocking on the window turns on the light to reveal the goodies within.

8: Prizm


No more fighting over classical versus hip-hop. The Prizm connects to your speakers, scours devices in its proximity with playlists from major music-streaming services, and then finds (and remembers) what you like. By comparing the playlists it then identifies your taste and tries to come up with a happy medium. Tapping on the cross or the heart on the sides of the small pyramid does, well, exactly what you expect.

9: Phonotonic


It’s a simple idea: You stick the sensor into one of the the brightly colored polygon-ball-things and it translates your tossing and shaking into music via an app on your phone. Or you stick the sensor on some moving part of your body and let your limbs do the playing.

10: TipTalk

tip talk

Last on our list we have Samsung has its fingers in a lot of wearable projects, but I think the TipTalk is one of the most practical (though maybe that’s just because I’ve yet to see a wearable that I’m willing to strap on my wrist). In theory, it adds fitness tracking, notifications and calling to any watch, including the ability to conduct calls by touching near your ear.