10.OPERA MINI (Free)


There’s no shortage of choice when it comes to mobile browsers, but Opera Mini might just be one of the most useful. This browser features a number of data-saving features which allow you to traverse the net without worrying about exceeding your data allowance. A recent update also added a nifty ad blocker to further improve the online experience.

Obviously, the standout feature of Opera Mini is the data-saving aspect. What’s really nice about this browser is that it gives you a certain level of control over how scaled-down you want each website to be. That means you can find the perfect balance between conserving your precious data and maintaining a decent web experience.

There’s essentially two data-saving modes to choose between. ‘High’ will keep the web experience looking similar to how it would without data-saving turned on, while still managing to save you a load of Megabytes. I regularly managed to get around a 55% saving, meaning the browser managed to load most sites by only receiving 45% of the megabytes needed to load it. ‘Extreme’ is for when you’re on your last bit of 4G. It severely limits the amount of data whichever website you’re visiting sends to your handset. Text will be displayed in a simple font and pictures will be compressed. I found that Extreme usually saved me an impressive 89% of the data needed to load a site.

You can download the app here: Opera Mini

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