The Pokemon game series has used real-world locations. Where people will move out of their casual routine to play an android or iPhone game, besides just sitting on their couches they will walk in search for Pokemon.It takes your real moves to step up and search for Pokemon in the world around you.What a great idea it sounds isn’t it? Yeah it is but there are way more harmful effects that you can not imagine but many people have gone through them.There is no doubt about the fact that with the passage of time Pokemon Go is getting out to be one of the most famous and demanding games in the whole world. It is all the time visible on your smartphone as running without the use of internet service. Millions of people have started using this game in just the least time period. But on the same side besides being so popular, Pokemon is becoming one of the finest only game that has some side effects. Do you want to know about the side effects of this game?

Top 10 Side Effects Of Pokemon Go


1. Tired nights and hurting legs:

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Pokemon is the game that makes you to walk in search for Pokemon.You have to go everywhere in search for Pokemon. So if you are too fond or addicted to this game then make sure you will sleep with hurting legs.As you will walk more than what your body needs to catch as many Pokemon as you can. This would make your legs in trouble and make them tired. In the rural areas playing the Pokemon game is worst for the legs because you might give your legs with the hurting touch. The eggs are gathered in game that do require to do walking to hatch, some as much as 10 kilometers in distance.

2. It Could Get You Robbed:

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Surprised! Can you even think that a game can get you robbed by real robbers? Well you would not be believing on this fact but it is true! As soon as the game was launched there were so many users who started playing this game at the night time. Playing this game at late night down in the street can make them robbed too. It has been recorded that there are so many crooks who do take the advantage of this game and rob the people mobile phone’s at the night time.

3. It Might Lead You To Dead Bodies:

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Do you know that while playing the Pokemon you can meet the dead bodies as well? When you are playing Pokemon Go you even forget to notice where the path leads, which results in taking you to creepy and dangerous places such as the creepy lake side or some haunted areas. If you don’t want to face the dead bodies then you should be very careful about the area that you visit to catch the Pokemon.

4. Hate Group Can Create Awful Propaganda:

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The frustration of not catching many Pokemon can leads you into trouble too. With the use of the Pokemon it might be possible that your anger will make you a bad person in front of others. They will start judging a bad person by other people and it will all because of your frustration on the thing which even don’t matter much.

5. You can not go Holocaust Museum :

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It is quite evident that you can play the Pokemon at any place when you are outside. But playing the Pokemon game is not allowed in the Holocaust Museum in Washington DC. They did made the law to stop playing the game there because they do think that it is disrespectful as hell. This place of Holocaust Museum has a Pokéstop associated with it. Apart from this location, there are many more other spots in the world as well who have made a law that the Pokemon game would not be played in their areas.

6. It can Cause You To Rage Quit Your Job:

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Pokemon has often become the main reason for so many people through which they had to leave their job. Some of the office employees are so much fond of playing this game that they are all the time witnessed outside their offices. This made them to quit their job or they were dismissed by their boss. In reality it did happened with the person in Singapore who expressed his experience on the Facebook.

7. It Might Leave you Lovelorn:

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Pokemon Go is the game that want all your attention and concentration. This would make people so much involved in games that they will not even look at  the people who really needs their attention. This would never allow them to get them into relationship connection with anyone and eventually they would lovelorn themselves. There is a huge number of boys who are just indulged in playing this game because they are single. Are they trying to date Pokemon?

8. It might Cause You To Creep Out Homeowners:

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Customers are busy outside playing Pokemon and hence coffee shops or restaurants do not get enough customers.Many people get annoyed by seeing a large number of people playing Pokemon for hours,outside their houses . Boon Sheridan is a person who is living in this potential Pokémon hell where he is finding so many people as stopping in front of his house just to play the game at all hours.

9. It might Drive You to Look at Poké-Porn:

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Soon after the advent of the Pokemon Go there is majority of the population of young boys and girls who have started imagining Pokemon to be a porn prop. It has been estimated around that 18- to 24-year-old are about in the 36 percent that are more likely to look up Pokémon porn than any other group. On the same side, the 62 percent more likely to search for Pokémon porn than women. Now this is a strange fact!

10. It Might Ruin the Economy:

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Last but not the least it has been figured out that Pokemon is readily responsible of ruining whole economy as well. Pokemon might look small in size but its side effects are amazingly high especially on the economy. When the business centers are closed, coffee shops are not filled with the customers, employees are leaving their job just for this game then how come the economy of any country would rise up.